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What is your tax issue?

I Can’t Afford to Pay the IRS

How do I take care of my tax issue when I don’t have the money to pay?

Got a Bill from the IRS / Request for Late Returns

They say I owe them money, but they haven’t threatened me with anything yet.

Received a Threat to Levy (Take) My Bank Account or Wages

They are threatening to take my money from my bank account or from my wages.  They are also threatening to seize my property.

Money Levied / Lien Filed

They just took from my bank account / my employer just gave me notice that my salary was being levied.

My Business is Having Tax Issues

The bank levy is leaving me unable to pay my basic expenses / the wage levy is leaving me in financial hardship.

The IRS Wants to Impose the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

They want to charge me personally for my business debts.

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