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Did you know that the IRS has a special program in place for auditing attorneys?

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Who is Champion Tax Relief?

Champion Tax relief is a tax representation firm located in Phoenix, Arizona.  We defend clients against IRS collection actions, and ultimately help them come up with a long-term tax solution that keeps the IRS out of their life (and our clients happy!), and puts them on a road towards long-term compliance.

Why should someone with tax problem work with Champion Tax Relief, over all of their other choices?

Two specific reasons-

1.) There are very few companies locally that offer tax resolution services, despite tens of thousands of people in Arizona who need help with an IRS issue!

Most CPAs focus on standard tax preparation or tax consulting.  Most attorneys focus on fields other than tax resolution (and those who are in tax often focus on tax planning and tax implications of transactions).  And of Enrolled Agents, most also focus on tax preparation or tax planning.

2.) National tax resolution firms are impersonal.  Our ratio of employees to clients are low, which ensures we can deliver 110% for our clients.

In someone’s hardest hours, they need someone who will work with them closely and personally.  Unfortunately, large national firms focus on an impersonal, churn-and-burn, cookie cutter approach towards resolving their client’s tax issues.

Our systems are designed from ground-up to provide an unprecedented level of customer service, care and accuracy to our clients.  In fact, this is embodied in our Champion Pledge.

What if I want to refer to Champion Tax Relief?

We always appreciate your referrals!  If you have a client you think would be a good fit for us, please call the number at the top of the website, or fill out the Contact Us form on the Contact page.